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Read HID card and DESFire card

ACX 125Khz and 13.56MHz dual technology reader - Read HID 125KHz card and DESFire Card (in AES mode)

[SA:MP] Everybody's Stunt Server - Vehicle Object System

Vehicle Object System HostName: [HuN] .:[ EBSS ]:. Stunt/DM/Race/Freeroam/Minigame IP: Join to Us!

My Game Test Video (roblox)

My first youtube video! ( using roblox cam recording thing and stuff) By the way my roblox guys name is CaptainAwesome682 so add me and stuff and enjoy the ...

Digitech X-Edit Software with Rikk Beatty

Rikk Beatty talks about the X-Edit software from Digitech and gives a lesson on how to use it with your USB equipped Digitech processor!

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